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Supporting young designers is part of our raison d’etre, which is why we comb through design degree shows every year to bring together the best new works of recent graduates in our annual Do Masters exhibition, which takes place in September during the London Design Festival.  The Do Masters programme offers a platform for design graduates to sell their products to the wider public, providing them with a valuable opportunity to gain some real commercial experience.  Substantially all profits from sale of products are returned to the designers.

The Masters

- Chantelle Nyamekye Osborne
- Danielle Alder
- David Emblin
- Eleanor Davies
- Elin Green
- Francesca Mancini
- Francesca Romei
- Jade Barnes-Richardson
- Jenna Stanton
- Jill Shaddock
- Jordi Canudas
- Jun Murakoshi
- Justin Smith
- Koji Shiraya
- Lucinda Barnes 
- Maja Ganszyniec
- Marina Ralph

- Naori Priestly
- Elin Green
- Nathan Philpott
- Nutre Arayavanish
- Rebecca Sims
- Sara Burns
- Sena Gu
- Stephen Graham
- Victoria Wilmotte


Chantelle Nyamekye Osborne                                                                                  ^ Back to Top

Desk Tools

Chantelle received her BA in Contemporary Furniture and Related Product Design from Bucks New University in 2009.

For our 2009 edition of Do Masters Chantelle showed her Desk Tools, which are designed to aid users in their pursuit for perfection.  Her Level photo frames, for example, are wooden wall hanging frames which incorporate spirit levels to ensure they are hung perfectly straight.  Her Pen Plaque is a wooden block with pen-shaped silhouettes made from laser-cut walnut veneers which suggest exactly where each pen should be placed.


Danielle Alder                                                                                                                                                                          ^ Back to Top

Tampon Tidy Pill Box Condom Clip

Danielle graduated in 2009 from Bucks New University with a degree in Designed Metal Work and Jewellery.  She now works as a designer and maker of quirky jewellery, operating from her Gloucestershire workshop.

Danielle is a jewellery designer who aims to use her products to open up discussions on topics that are often hidden away.  Her Taboo Collection, which she exhibited for our 2009 edition of Do Masters, features tampon cases, condom clips and contraceptive pill-cases which add an element of fun and luxury to these intimate objects which are more often associated with a sense of embarrassment.


David Emblin                                                                                                                                  ^ Back to Top

David Emblem David Emblem

David graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2002 with a degree in 3D Design for Sustainability, followed by a MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art in 2007.

For our 2007 edition of Do Masters David exhibited his Plyrise Shelves, a clever modular shelving unit made of laminated plywood.  By stacking the shelves in different ways, they can accommodate anything from paperback novels to tall lever-arch files.  Few bookcases are as intelligent, simple and elegant, no wonder they have become a bestseller at Do.


Eleanor Davies                                                                                  ^ Back to Top

Eleanor Davies Eleanor Davies

Eleanor, who has Malaysian and Welsh parents, received a Masters degree in Engineering before moving to Australia where she worked as an industrial and environmental installation designer.  She graduated from the Royal College of Art in Industrial Design in 2007.

For our 2007 edition of Do Masters Eleanor exhibited The Story of My Affection, a conceptual product which aims to express a person’s personality in a tangible form.  She inputs the results of her client’s Myers-Briggs personality profile test and a sample of his or her DNA into a computer programme she designed, which converts the unique DNA and personality characteristics of her client into a 3D object, which is then cast in glass, ceramic or metal.


Elin Green                                                                                                                         ^ Back to Top

Elin Green

Elin graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2011, where she received her BA in 3D Design.

For our 2011 edition of Do Masters Elin presented Knot on Wood, a reinterpretation of the woodturning and knotting processes which resulted in a series of unique hand-turned bowls that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.


Francesca Mancini                                                                                                                       ^ Back to Top

Francesca Mancini Francesca Mancini

Francesca was born in Italy but has been working in London since 2003.  She graduated from the London Metropolitan University in 2010 and now works as a freelance furniture and product designer from her workshop in Hackney.

For our 2009 edition of Do Masters Francesca showed the Double T dining table, a deceptively simple table made of plywood sheets with different colour laminates on each side.  The clever joint details at the legs (inspired by circuit-boards) and flat-pack design enable users to reassemble the table in different colour combinations with minimum fuss.


Francesca Romei                                                                                                          ^ Back to Top

Francesca Romei Francesca Romei Francesca Romei

Francesca Romei is a young Italian design-maker of ceramic objects who ended up in London via Naples, Milan and Stoke-on-Trent, where she studied Ceramics, graduating in 2011.

For our 2011 edition of Do Masters Francesca showed a collection of hand-made Ceramic Objects which represent her multiple influences – a mix of South of Italy and North of England, traditional craft and industrial production, the past and the present.


Jade Barnes-Richardson                                                                                                             ^ Back to Top

Jade Barnes-Richardson Jade Barnes-Richardson

Jade is a young British designer who graduated from Bucks New University with a BA in Contemporary Furniture and Related Product Design in 2008.

For our 2008 edition of Do Masters Jade presented Hangers, a wall-mounted coat rack made of specially manufactured coat hangers welded together in a seemingly random way.  Witty and practical, Hangers was an immediate hit with consumers and have since become a bestseller at Do.  Jade’s Hangers have since been picked up by Normann Copenhagen and are now distributed around the world.


Jenna Stanton                                                                                                             ^ Back to Top

Jenna Stanton Jenna Stanton

Jenna is a Canadian national who finished her MA in Ceramic Design from Stoke-on-Trent in 2011.

For our 2011 edition of Do Masters Jenna showed her collection of beautiful white and cobalt blue Bone China Pitchers.  These were hand-made using technologies that span ceramics past and present.  Cobalt glazes and decorations on bone china reference traditional materials and colours from Stoke on Trent’s ceramics industry, whilst initial designs were developed by altering small porcelain vessels which were then developed further using computer aided design and rapid prototyping technology.


Jill Shaddock                                                                                                               ^ Back to Top

Jill Shaddock Jill Shaddock

Jill graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2011and is a winner of multiple awards, including the New Designers Habitat Innovation Award and the New Designers Pulse Award in 2011.

For our 2011 edition of Do Masters Jill showed her Slipcast range of tableware.  Each vessel in the collection is hand-made using a layering technique, with each vessel bearing etchings of numbers on their sides representing the number of minutes each layer has taken to form; a visual celebration of the creative process.  The end products are beautiful yet functional, projecting a level of maturity and confidence way beyond her years.


Jordi Canudas                                                                                                                                 ^ Back to Top

Jordi Canudas Jordi Canudas

Jordi, who was born in Barcelona, has a degree in industrial design and worked in exhibition design and various architectural studios in Spain before he moved to London in 2004.  He graduated from the Royal College of Art (Design Products) in 2007.

For our 2007 edition of Do Masters Jordi showed his Less Lamp, an egg-shaped ceramic pendant lampshade that needs to be pierced with a specially designed hammer in order to release the light trapped within.  By deciding how many holes to pierce and where to position them, the user can change the look of the lamp and how the light is directed.  But beware: once it is broken there is no going back!


Jun Murakoshi                                                                                                                       ^ Back to Top

Jun Murakoshi Jun Murakoshi

Jun grew up in Saitama, Japan, where he obtained his Master of Engineering in Industrial Design.  He completed his MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art in 2007.

For our 2007 edition of Do Masters Jun exhibited his ingenious Shelving Chairs, which are plywood chairs that transform into a highly practical and attractive modular shelving unit once they are stacked.


Justin Smith                                                                                                                                                   ^ Back to Top

Justine Smith Justin Smith Justin Smith

Justin graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2009, where he studied Textiles.

Justin is a knitted textiles specialist with a taste for the unconventional.  His Constructed Textiles range of bags, which he showed in our 2009 edition of Do Masters, are inspired by spine, ribcage and wing details.  Justin succeeds in pushing conventional knitting techniques to their limits, creating unique designs that are intriguing, contemporary and guaranteed to attract maximum attention.


Koji Shiraya                                                                                                                                      ^ Back to Top

Koji Shiraya Koji

Koji is a ceramics artist from Japan.  He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 and has been exhibiting his works around the world since.

For our 2010 edition of Do Masters Koji showed his Boxes, a limited edition series of hand-made boxes made of porcelain and feldspar.


Lucinda Barnes                                                                                                            ^ Back to Top

 Lucinda Barnes

Lucinda is a British design maker who studied Ceramic Design at Central St Martins before receiving her MA from the Royal College of Art in 2007.

For our 2007 edition of Do Masters Lucinda showed her Tier Drop Cake Stand, a witty and practical take on the traditional multi-tiered cake stand.  Made of white porcelain, the two rings fit onto most wine bottles, creating a cake stand / vase that is as perfect for dainty finger sandwiches as for indulgent chocolate truffles.  The Tier Drop Cake Stand has since become a bestseller at Do.


Maja Ganszyniec                                                                                                                   ^ Back to Top

Maja - 6 Degrees Maja - 6 Degrees

Maja was born in Poland, where she studied Interior Architecture at the Academy of Fine Art in Cracow before graduating with her MA at the Royal College of Art (Design Product) in 2008.  Maja is a founding member of Kompott (, a design studio based in Warsaw.

For our 2008 edition of Do Masters Maja showed 6 Degrees, an ingenious shelving system based on a single module with sides that slant at 6 degrees.  Multiple modules can be combined to create countless configurations to suit different spaces and needs.  The 6 Degrees shelving system has been a great critical and commercial success, becoming one of the best selling shelving systems at Do.


Marina Ralph                                                                                                                     ^ Back to Top

Marina Ralph - Cut it OutMarina Ralph - Cut it Out Marina Ralph - Cut it Out

Marina graduated from Brighton University in 2009, where she studied Design and Craft.

For our 2009 edition of Do Masters Marina showed her Cut it Out felt rugs, which are rectangular felt rugs decorated with perforated lines which enable the user to alter the shape and size of the rugs by cutting along the dotted lines.


Naori Priestly                                                                                                       ^ Back to Top

Naori Priestly - Mixed Media Textile Objects Naori Priestly - Mixed Media Textile Objects

Naori was born in Japan, where she studied Sculpture before moving to New York to do the same, eventually settling in the UK, where she graduated from the Royal College of Art (Constructed Textiles) in 2007.

For our 2007 edition of Do Masters Naori showed her hand-made Mixed Media Textile Objects, which range from pebbles encased in knitted sleeves to crocheted dolls with tied-up arms.  Every object comes with tags with individual stories inspired by traditional folk tales and nursery rhymes with a darker, more sinister edge.  The appearance of charm and naivety belies the subversive concepts that influence these pieces.


Nathan Philpott                                                                                                                  ^ Back to Top

Nathan Philpott - Embroidered Wallpapers Nathan Philpott - Embroidered Wallpapers

Nathan was born in Stoke-on-Trent.  He has a BA in Mixed Media Textiles from Loughborough University and graduated from the Royal College of Art (Textiles) in 2007.   Since then Nathan has teamed up with fellow graduate Jemma Ooi to create Custhom (, which focuses on designing products which interact with users.

For our 2007 edition of Do Masters Nathan exhibited his Embroidered Wallpapers, featuring striking patterns created by embroidering layers of different coloured paper together.  Users can adapt the pattern by tearing off segments of the paper to reveal the layer underneath.


Nutre Arayavanisht                                                                                                ^ Back to Top

Nutre Arayavanish - Postable Jewellery 

Nutre comes from Thailand, where she received her BA in Jewellery Design from Silpakom University in Bangkok before graduating from the Royal College of Art (Jewellery) in 2007.  Nutre is the winner of the Theo Fennell Excellence in Jewellery Award, the BDC New Designer of the Year Award and the Jewellery Designer of the Year Award from the Brisith Jewellers’ Association in 2007.

For our 2007 edition of Do Masters Nutre showed her Postable Jewellery, a flat-packed, plywood cut-out ring that can be sent by post, like a postcard or letter.  Just like other mail items, Postable Jewellery will bear the evidence of the journey: marks, stamps, stains or scratches, adding to the romance and uniqueness of them.


Rebecca Sims                                                                                                          ^ Back to Top

Rebecca Sims - Porcelain Teapots Rebecca Sims - Porcelain Teapots

Rebecca Sims graduated from the University of Falmouth in 2011 and works from her own studio in Cornwall.

For our 2011 edition of Do Masters Rebecca showed her series of hand-made Porcelain Teapots, which hark back to a “make do and mend” era when much loved everyday objects were innovatively restored using limited resources rather than thrown away.  Rebecca slip-casts in porcelain from moulds taken of everyday objects (including tin cans, taps and handles of scissors) to replace the parts of teapots that are commonly broken or chipped, thereby transforming the ordinary teapot into a unique object which retains its function whilst celebrating human ingenuity in a witty and original way.


Sara Burns                                                                                                                    ^ Back to Top

Sara Burnes - Ambient Space Design Sara Burnes - Ambient Space Design 

Sara received her BFA from the University of Iowa before embarking on her own freelance design business with projects across a wide range of disciplines including textiles, graphic design, photography, film and lighting.  She graduated from the Royal College of Art (Textiles) in 2007.

For our 2007 edition of Do Masters, Sara exhibited her concept of Ambient Space Design, which features the use of light, projectors, digital photography and video to create animated light wallpaper, projections and interactive environments which can be tailored to create different moods and to suit different spaces.


Sena Gu                                                                                                             ^ Back to Top

 Sena Gu - Lemon Squeezer Sena Gu - Lemon Squeezer 

Sena hails from South Korea, where she studied Ceramics and Glass.  She received her MA on the same subject from the Royal College of Art in 2007.  Since then she has become a well respected design-maker (, showing her imaginative creations at exhibitions such as Tent and 100% Design.

For our 2007 edition of Do Masters, Sena showed her Lemon Squeezer - a porcelain dish with a “squeezer” in the shape of a lemon (cast in porcelain from the real thing) perched on top.  Witty and functional, Sena’s Lemon Squeezer has gone on to become a bestseller at Do and we remain one of her biggest fans, always showing the latest collection of her works at our shop.


Stephen Graham                                                                                                             ^ Back to Top

Stephen Graham - Sweet Nothings Stephen Graham - Gaze

Stephen graduated from the Royal College of Art (Ceramics & Glass) in 2007 after receiving his BA in Ceramics Design from Staffordshire University.

Stephen specialises in one-off ceramic pieces which explore the relationships between objects and their users.  For our 2007 edition of Do Masters Stephen showed his Sweet Nothings and Gaze tableware ranges.


Victoria Wilmotte                                                                                                                            ^ Back to Top

Victoria Wilmotte - Domestic Landscape Victoria Wilmotte - Domestic Landscape 

Victoria studied Interior Design at Camondo in Paris before graduating with her MA at the Royal College of Art (Design Product) in 2008.

For our 2008 edition of Do Masters Victoria presented her Domestic Landscape series of carafes.  These vessels (in Jasperware, earthenware and porcelain) are inspired by ordinary plastic jerry cans, the functional aesthetic of which is distilled and captured in their bold, graphic shapes and industrial colours of black, blue and white.  Grouped together, the carafes present a domestic landscape that is striking, dynamic and elegant.